Christian Pop artist, Chayah Miranda (pronounced "kai-yah") grew up  listening to the gospel music at her church and the jazz influences from her mother and grandmother, both singers. Beginning at the young age of five, Chayah began to perform and share her love of music and singing at church and at school talent shows. At the age of fifteen, Chayah began performing  at public fairs all over San Francisco. With the help of her beloved vocal teacher, Sakai, who she met after a meeting with Narada Michael Walden, a producer from the Bay Area who has produced artists such as Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Diana Ross, Chayah began training to become the recording artist she is today. 

Chayah began developing her talent as an artist, singer and songwriter while in high school. After meeting another Bay Area producer, Eric Gonzaga, after a performance she did at the annual Fiesta Filipina Fair in San Francisco, Chayah and Gonzaga began to write and record songs. Together, they spent several years developing Chayah’s sound and style while also writing and recording songs for other local Bay Area artists. 

After spending several years performing and recording to develop her sound and style, Chayah decided to study music business and performance at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. During her third year at Berklee, Chayah met a student who convinced her to join the Bible study sessions on Saturday afternoons at the Boston Temple Seventh-Day Adventist Church.  At this point in her life, church was simply something she attended out of familiarity, not because she believed in God's power of healing and love. As she attended and studied the Bible week after week, it became very clear that God did love her, that He was real, and that He was always with her throughout her entire life. This understanding of how God had always been there became paramount during the next great trial of Chayah's life as she explains in her own words:

“Later on that year, I found myself completely sick and bedridden. My whole body was in so much pain, I couldn’t move. I could barely walk to the bathroom in my apartment. I remember laying in my bed and reading this book, Steps to Christ. I wanted so badly for the pain to go away and to be healthy and strong again. I had been in bed sick for about a month and didn’t tell anyone. As I read the book, there was a passage that touched my heart and soul. It said that all I had to do was surrender to God and ask Him to come into my life and heal me. So I prayed and asked God to heal me. I felt His presence there right beside me, and I knew that He had heard my prayer and that I was going to be ok. Maybe it was God's way of shaking me and waking me up so that I would turn to Him in my pain. Giving my life and my heart to Jesus and asking Him to come into my heart was the best decision I have ever made in my life.“




After her recovery, Chayah joined a college missionary training program called STRIDE in which she and a group of college students travelled to different campuses around the Boston area to offer Bible studies, free meals, and health presentations to the students. 

Shortly after college, Chayah began working on her debut album, No Other Way, which she recorded with producer Josh Robinson in Nashville, Tennessee. She has since continued to share her faith through her music and has dedicated her life to God. In June of 2014, Chayah also released an EP, Alive & Unplugged. Today, Chayah continues to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, His message of faith, hope and of His unconditional love for all of mankind. 

“I want everyone to know that there is a God in heaven who loves them so much, that there is hope no matter what you are going through. All we have to do is open up our hearts and give Jesus a chance to help us and to strengthen us. For when we ask God for His help and guidance, that’s when miracles will happen; that’s when you’ll see your life change for the best.” – Chayah

                 "No Other Way"

One of the most ingenious and encouraging CCM/worship albums of the year, Chayah ought to be commended on such a stellar effort, one that’ll all but certain will land this album in my top 20 list.
— Jonathan Andre, Indie Vision Music
God      V      ine     's review of the acoustic video for "Higher"

GodVine's review of the acoustic video for "Higher"

Delivering a smorgasbord and a great musical variety of songs and melodies in the remainder six songs, Chayah has made sure that her voice and prowess is firmly imprinted in our minds as we listen to one of the standout new artist!
— Joshua Andre, 365 Days of Inspiring Media

"I believe her voice on this record was heartwarming and something much needed in a time when the world is bombarded by negativity and a positive change is called upon." -Rellz tha Postman, Flyah Magazine, 2016

"Tracks like the single, Higher, Under Construction and Let Go, will make you feel uplifted and exhilarated. Merely hearing the first minute of Higher was enough to convince me to listen to the entire album." -Rick Jamm, 2016

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